You don’t like cats? Your cat messes with your stuffs? Your cat “goes” in the wrong place? Well, i don’t care Today, we will learn about some common cats breeds and their characteristics.

Let’s start from Vietnamese cats breeds tabby cat, golden cat and black cat In general, these species have high prickly ears, small faces, long tail and limbs, small body and very agile Black cats are often considered to bring bad luck Yellow cat has yellow fur with white and tabby cat has striped stripes, featured with the letter M on the forehead Cats with mixed hair colors are called calico cats This is not a separated breed, just a classification based on their color However, due to genes regulating yellow and blackare all located on the sex chromosome X calico cats are often female cats. Best cat tree for heavy cats

Next let’s come to some other breeds outside of Vietnam First, Siamese cat a very friendly and friendly species to humans Siamese cats are thought to have originated from Thailand, limbs and tail are long, with slender, agile body Siamese cat is specialized with its short hair, chocolate, white or cream color Hair on the face, feet, ears and tail are usually darker than on the body eyes are blue, which made their gorgeous looks Second, Persian cat Persian cat is originated from Persia (Iran) This breed has a flat face, short and small nose, deep muzzle The legs are quite short with flat feets

The most special characteristic of persian cat is the long and thick fur Which made them looks luxury and nobility Third, short-haired American cat This breed have short and thick fur, comes with various colors About personality, short-haired American cats are quiet calm and less likely to be mischievous They are also talented at mice-catching Fourth, maine coon cat Oh, sorry Maine coon cats have long and smooth fur fur on the neck, chest and abdomen are thicker, made them looks like lions Especially, they have large and muscular bodies with big claws Fifth, sphinx cat Due to a natural mutation, this breed has no fur with wrinkled skin The ears are large and pricked Big eyes, small face, tail and limbs are long.

In spite of their friendliness, clever and sensitive With the appearance, sphinx cats always play evil roles in animated movies Sixth, Russian blue cat Originated from Russia, they have blue eyes short, thick and smooth fur, comes with silver-blue color toned body About personality, Russian blue cats are gentle and quite shy to stranger Seventh, munchkin cat With their short legs Munchkin cats always have to keep them straight Smooth fur, round face, big eyes.

Because of their cute appearance,munchkin cats are the most popular cats in the world Eighth, Scottish fold Just like their name After about 3 to 4 weeks old, their ears will folded closer to the heads short hair, big eyes, small nose, moderate long legs About personality, Scottish fold cats are quite calm,they like to sit quietly watching around and less active In addition to the species mentioned, there are many other types of cats around the world. Here Know about the Kitty Needs

Due to the hybridization between species Cats are becoming more and more popular and ready to invade the world For the world invading campaign At least 10 billion cats are needed However, currently there are only 1 billion cats in total Each year every 100 cats will produce 40 more kittens Suppose that no cat died during this time How long does it take for cats to have enough troop for the campaign? The answer will comes with the next video.

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