Do you want to know how to remove pet urine from carpet naturally. Well there are other ways too. The nose knows everything in Ascension Parish. Does your house smell like dog pee? You have animals, you may not even know that your house has a pet odor, and one of the worst odors you can deal with pets is when they have accidents and they have urinated in the house ou may not smell it, but buyers that do not have pets can. There is a way to get rid of the smell, believe it or not. I discovered this trick from a client of mine who contacted me. She told me that her dog had left quite a mess after being left alone in a room for too long, and they had a hard time getting the smell out, so she gave me these great tips to get that smell out. Because I have dogs, I thought I would share that with you as well.

So, when it comes to old dog stains and old dog odors, it seems like they even get stronger the older they get. I know that for this dog, she still is a puppy, so we have accidents in the house, and it happens. So, what you’re going to want to do, if you haven’t caught it when it was still wet, if it’s wet you’re going to want to, you know, pull up the damp spot, but if you didn’t catch it when it was still wet, it’s not too late. What you do is, you take the spot that was dirty. Apparently she wants to help as well. And you have a spray bottle, which, I just filled up an empty spray bottle with vinegar, and you’re going to, it’s just white vinegar, so you’re going to, get out of here, go! I’m doing a video here, go! You’re going to spray that spot with vinegar, and you’re going to get it pretty wet, and of course it does smell like a salad, but it gets that dog urine, strong smell out of the carpet.

Okay, so, of course what that does is kind of reactivate the dog pee. So, you’re going to let that sit for a little bit. Once it sits for, I would say a good 15 minutes, you’re going to take an old rag, and you’re going to kind of push on that spot, and get all that excess white vinegar out. And then after you have gotten all that excess white vinegar out, then you’re going to sprinkle good old baking soda. Remember Mom’s baking soda? And you’re going to push that into the carpet where the white vinegar was, and I would put a good old healthy helping on here.

And I kind of, like, take the rag and kind of push it back into the carpet really deep, so it gets really into the carpet fibers there, kind of, like, make almost like a paste of this in there, to get that really under, the, you know, if you have the carpet pad underneath as well, let that sit on there until it makes like a crust, okay.

And then once it makes that crust, you’ll see that the baking soda has drawn up all that dog pee that was underneath, at the bottom. And then all you do is vacuum it up, and it’s done, and you do not have that smell anymore. It’s fantastic, it was a great trick, I was so glad that my client called me and told me about it. So, if you have a home that you have for sale, and the complaints have come in that they smell dog pee in the house, this is a great way, a cheap way, to get that dog pee smell out, even out of old stains.

Getting Rid of Cat Urine Odors

Any parent or pet owner have to do some cleaning urine “accidents” from the floor and carpet. The natural occurrence is common when potty or house training and when the pet are sick. Carpet cleaners can be pricey and can stain expensive rugs. The pets and children have to learn and grow naturally and their accidents can be effectively  cleaned up in a better way. To make this cleaning mixture is quite simple. Take 10 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and one or two drops of dish detergent. You have to mix the three ingredients in a bowl and slowly pour them into a spray bottle. This mixture can rid carpet of urine and bloodstains. It will deodorize the whole carpet you can have a smelling fresh.

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