Cats have been around humans for a long time and in fact they were even considered a status symbol in the olden days. And even today, videos of funny cats rule the internet and they do have their own particular brand of tactics.

They are also pretty moody as any cat owner will know, but people still don’t mind shelling out a bomb for these felines. Lets take a look at some of the most expensive cats in the world.

These cats can be identified by their long shaggy fur, which is especially suited for cold weathers. But what is interesting to note is that these cats were on the verge of extinction during the second world war but thankfully, a loyal club saved them from that gruesome fate! One of the reasons because of which they were under threat is that the Norwegian forest cats are prone to kidney and heart diseases.

So be careful when you bring them home after a paying a price of $600.

And they also come with a fascinating history as they were probably short haired cats brought by the Vikings to Norway who mated with the Angora breeds to give rise to the Norwegian forest cat! 14Ocicat.

An experimental breeding between Abyssinian,Siamese and American short hair cats led to the birth of the oci cat. The oci cat is a spotted little wonder which resembles an ocelot, and hence the name. The oci cat has a wild and untamed look about it along with an athletically built body.

They also have a very good nature which makes them pretty good as pets and perhaps that is the reason why people are willing to spend up to $800 to get these cats home! 13Maine Coon.

These cats are native to New England and they are known for their ability to hunt mouse.As such, it is easy to imagine why these felines would be desirable as pets in most households with a rodent problem.

But the Maine coon is much more than that as they are also very intelligent and can bear the cold weather well.

They have a shaggy coat, fluffy tail and large tufted ears.

The main e coon are also a pretty large species of cats but don’t judge them by their size because they do have a kind disposition unlike many cats and you can get them home for about $1000.

If you want a cat that stands out from the rest, the British short hair is probably your best bet.

These cats have grey fur with extremely striking eyes.

Coupled with that, these cats are pretty calm and are an excellent addition to households which have small kids. Perhaps that is the reason why the British Short hair is one of the most desirable pets in the UK.

But if you too are tempted to bring this cat home, be ready to shell out anything between $800 to $1000.American Wirehair.

Nature is known for creating new things every now and then just because it feels like.

And that is what led to the birth of the American White hair.

This breed of cat was a result of a spontaneous mutation in a litter of farm cats in upstate new York and was discovered in 1966. Since then, they have become a pretty popular pet because of their wirehair fur.This is what separates them from other cats and they are also pretty resilient to diseases.

Which in turn makes them easy to care for and hence they make really good pets. Although you will have to shell out about$1200 for these kitties! 10American Curl. One of the most popular cats is the American curl.

These furb alls have distinctive curling ears and very expressive eyes! They are medium sized with a rectangular build and have a silky, back lying coat.

And what is interesting about these cats is that their origins can be traced to a single stray long haired black cat which decided to move in with a couple back in 1981! She was the original American curl and all other cats of the species can link their origin back to them.

But for owning one of her descendants, you will have to have a spare $1200!

These feline beauties are definitely something that is very suited for your house. These cats look amazing with beautiful fur and attractive eyes but more than that, they have a very stable temperament.

And not just that, they also build very strong connections with children and are very tolerant towards other pets.

So if you want to have more than one pet,the Russian blue is something you should definitely consider.

That is of course if you have $3000 as the budget for getting a pet.

And if you do, do consider the Russian blue because they are one of the smartest cats around!8.

The Scottish fold is a very unique breed which has really amazing eyes and exquisite fur.

They also have drooping ears which makes them look adorable at times and pissed off at other times! But one thing that the Scottish fold really has going for it is that they are extremely loving companions and are well suited as pets.

But of course, to indulge in one of them you will have to pay a hefty price of $3000!

When it comes to cat, none beat the weirdness of the sphinx.

Because the first thing that will strike you when you look at a sphinx is that they do not have any hair.

And that is not because they like to be shaved regularly. It is a genetic mutation that was first noted in Toronto, Canada when a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten.

But that does not mean that they have any other defects. They are in fact very resilient to disease and are playful, loyal and love human affection.

And not just humans, they like to play and be around other species of pets as well which make them an ideal friend to bring home. Though you will have to shell out $3000 fort heir company!

These cats have a very unique look about them.Their face is longer than most cats and they have a slender build. But they are also very curious and smart as well.

These cats were born from an experimental cross between a Dons koy and a Short hair world champion and are great to have around the house.

They are very stable and are extremely affectionate towards children and homeowners.

They also adapt well with other pets and don’t rile them too much, unlike other cats. Train Your Cat to use litter box

But owning a Peter bald is expensive, as they cost around $5000! While it may be easy to think that these cats originate in Persia, these cats have been around for a very long time! In fact, they were around hundred of years before even the birth of Christ!

The Persian cats are known for their luxurious long hair and pansy faces which mock you more often than not! Ironically though, these cats have a gentle personality and adjust and adapt well to boisterous households! And while these cats can be brought home for about $5500, their maintenance is also not easy because their fur is actually quite delicate and presents problems of hairballs and tangles pretty regularly.

But that aside, these cats are wonderful to have around the house as they are playful and loving and look absolutely royal! One look at the Bengal cat and you will probably think that you have come across a small leopard.

But actually, these cats are a result of across between the wild Asian leopard cat and domestic short hairs. And even though its ancestors were wild, the Bengal cat is a domesticated animal who are extremely intelligent, super active and really fun pet.

But if you are thinking of getting one for yourself, be sure to carry at least $25,000 with you because these beauties are not cheap by any standards! But they are good fun to have in the house as they love to hang from things, are very inquisitive, play with stuff and have even been known to jump into aquariums to satisfy their curiosity.

In fact, its loyalty can even be compared to dogs! And they are also very social and friendly with other animals and humans if they are exposed to them from an early age.

The savannah cat was born in 1986 when a breeder crossed the wild African sevral cat with a domestic Persian cat.

The cats have a long and athletic body and are very strong.

In fact, they are known for their incredible jumping ability which allows them to leap on top of doors and fridges.

The savannah are active, playful and curious as well and make for good company around the house.

But their company does cost a lot as these cats are known to be sold for around $50,000! 2Ashera.

Imagine crossing an Asian leopard with a domestic cat.

What you get is the Ashera which actually looks a lot like the savannah.

Which is probably why you need to be very careful when bringing these cats home as they are very rare.

In fact, they are the rarest cat breed in the world and more than often, savannahs are paraded around as the Ashera. But if you do manage to get hold of an authentic Ashera, you will have a very intelligent, loyal and loving cat.

But you will also need to be rich because these cats are generally available after spending anything between $15,000 to $100,000! Black Footed Cat.When it comes to pets most of us prefer to have smaller sized ones.

But since cats are generally small in size it does not really matter, but if it did the black footed cat would surely be one of the most wanted ones. They are the smallest cat in Africa and one of the smallest wild cats in the world.

However, it would be difficult to get your hands on one because they are listed as vulnerable.

The reason for that is bush meat poaching and the fact that the small size of these cats actually make them a prey by even domestic animals.

Though they are known to put up a great fight against any predator! The black footed cats are patterned with black or brown spots that merge to form rings around the neck and this actually helps in their camouflage.

But if you want to get these cats home as pets, you would be disappointed because they are not up for sale! Have you ever met any of these cats? Or better yet, do you own one? If so, do let us know what your experience has been with them and what prompted you to spend a bomb on a cat! And remember to subscribe to our channel to get updates on all our videos!.

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