People often thinks about how much does it cost to get cats spayed but they don’t look at the postcare. If you can visualize the surgical incision, please be aware that there may be some redness or swelling over the next few days but if the incision changes dramatically in any way, intervention may be needed. There should be no drainage for females but there may be a smear of blood here or there for males. The sutures for females are dissolvable. They do not need removed. The male cats do not have any sutures. The free-roaming cats also have their ear tipped. The left ear is tipped for male cats. The right ear is tipped for female cats. The female cats also have a tattoo placed on their abdomen to identify them as spayed. The side effects of anesthesia may still be occurring when you take the trapped cat home. They may be tired, over reactive to normal sounds and lights, or even a little more aggressive than normal.

One of the most important things is to make sure, if possible, that you keep this cat in a temperature controlled environment, over 60 degrees, for the first evening after surgery. The anesthesia affects the ability of the cat to regulate their body temperature so this is especially important during cold weather times. The only time that you would release a cat as soon as possible is if it’s a lactating female but only release her when she’s fully awake and able to fend for herself. When you do release a trapped cat, take the trap to the area that it’s used to, uncover it, let it have about five minutes to visualize where it is and what’s going on and stand behind the trap, away from the door, and then go ahead and take the door off.

Usually the cat will run out. If not, you can tip the trap and facilitate the cat leaving. When you are done using that trap, please clean it. Just with hot water and dishwashing soap even if you’re going to reuse it for trapping. The scent of another cat can still be there and deter a cat from wanting to go into the trap later when you are trying to trap another cat for spay or neuter. Most every time surgery goes well and we don’t need to do any follow-up on the free-roaming cats.

Spay Incision Aftercare

A quick departure from the normal delivery of alterations expertise but it still relates to fabric creativity. This is Sylvie my six month old female kitten. She was recently spayed. Now I have lots of experience with previous female kitties who needed to be spayed. Each came home from the vet all subdued and willing to lie still for days and not lick the incision for best healing results. Not Sylvie. And while she looks all sweet and slumbery here, she is one active cat, a bullet really when she’s ready to play with her big sister cat. Don’t get me wrong – this kitten cuddles for hours on end and allows herself to be held at length, the perfect cat companion in my book, but when she’s on the move she’s a blur.

She came home from the vet bouncing off the walls, even when I put the cone on her, pitiful and heartbreaking as that was to do, she continued to try to play running, jumping, wanting to wrestle with her sister cat, plus she really wanted to lick that incision. I decided the cone would do more harm than good, so I had to think of an alternative fast. That alternative became this girdle type of thing which is hard for you to see on her here but it covered up the incision so successfully the entire two weeks it needed to be on. We still needed to keep her activity to a minimum which was very challenging, but the little open panty put an end to what was becoming a crisis and allowed me to just pull it down a little ways, check it, and pull it right back up again. Too bad you couldn’t see me trying to wiggle her into it, that video would be viral hilarious, but I did get her into it, quickly tied it and now her incision was safe. Today’s the day that girdle comes off! Watch me whip it off her, right? So here’s what the panty girdle is. It’s just this shape with two leg holes cut out of an old t-shirt.

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