Somatic For You by Susan Kenning Daily cat routine A series of movements in real time Please move slowly. In particular, it moves slowly using the motor cortex of the brain. I will take time to make it move smoothly. Please turn your awareness to the feeling after the movement. The brain can learn efficient movement by receiving clear feedback. Please move as far as you can. If you have pain, you can just imagine the movement more slowly, with smaller movements. Let’s do daily cat routine in real time.If you turn to the side after you turn sideways, you will not be overwhelmed by your head or neck. You can stand both knees or keep them stretched. Let’s take a breath and turn our consciousness inside. Cat # 1 is flat with arches. Breathe in and arch your hips.

While vomiting, relax your back while shrinking your stomach and make your back slightly flat.repetition. While sucking, arch toward the coccyx. While vomiting, relax your back and lightly flatten your back. Your abdominal muscles will shrink slightly. While watering, I release the strength of my abs and arch my waist. While vomiting, gently flatten your back and relieve your waist strength. After a breath, it is Cat # 2. Both hands are under the head, arch and curl.

Arch while sucking.Toward the coccyx, I bow my hips and elbows to the floor. Use your abdominal muscles to raise your head while vomiting. The elbow is toward the knee while supporting the head by hand. Slowly loosen and repeat.Take a breath and arch. I exhale and curl. Come back slowly, arch while sucking.Curl while spiting. Come back slowly, Before I get down, I want to stretch my legs.Face down, cat # 3, back stretch or back lift.

Place your cheeks on your hands and while lifting, raise your elbows, head and legs on the other side.Slowly return, completely unleashed, repeat. Take a breath and raise your hands, elbows, head and legs on the other side.

I will return slowly.Once again, raise your hands, elbows, head and legs on the other side. I will return slowly. After putting your hands together, turn your head to the other side. Place the cheek on the back of the hand and repeat the same pattern Take a breath and raise your hands, elbows, and legs opposite your head. I will return slowly.While sucking, raise your hands, elbows, and legs on the other side of your head, and go back while vomiting. Take a breath and raise your hands, elbows, head and legs on the other side. I will return slowly. I relax a little and I lie down.Please ease. Cat # 4 Diagonal arch and curl.When standing on both knees, I would like to stand one leg at a time.

With your right hand under your head, your left hand to your left knee. Arch while sucking Stomach while vomiting, curled diagonally The right elbow and left knee are light and comfortable, pointing towards each other. Take a breath and arch. An oblique curl while spiting. I always repeat most of the movements three times. Breathe in the arch, curl while exhaling.

Please come back slowly. Please change the position of the hand. Take a breath and arch. Angled arch with left elbow and right knee. Arch while sucking. I receded my abdominal muscles while vomiting and curled diagonally. Slowly return, Breathe in the arch, curling diagonally while exhaling. You will slowly come back from Cat # 4.

The next is sideways bending. This is what we added to our daily cat routine. With one side facing, a pillow on the arm, the hip joint and knee at a right angle. The oblique muscles, flexing the center of the body. Align your knees, raise your legs and bring your hips to your waist. While raising your armpits, raise your head with your hands. I will return slowly.

once again, Breathe and contract. Slowly loosen while spitting. You can breathe as you like. I usually breathe and contract. Loosen while spitting, The last is long and long. I do not stretch. Return. Please lie on your back and feel the difference between the two sides. And turn the body to the other side. Put the floor arm on the pillow.You can stretch or bend your arms.Hip and knee at 90 degrees.

Support your head by hand.Take a breath, hold your knees and raise your feet, Bring the hips and underarms closer to each other. Slow down. Please do everything comfortably.

Once again, the pattern of contractions.I’m shrinking this side. While slowly contracting, You will be returned to the new neutral position. once again. Breathe in, a contraction pattern of lateral bending.Release the contraction while slowly loosening To a new neutral.I will be supine. Next is the Cat # 5 twist.

Face and knees in opposite direction Turn one arm facing up and turn the other arm down.Opposite side Face and knees in opposite directions. One arm is turned up and the other arm is turned down. Please feel free to come and go. Use your shoulder blade and shoulders to turn your arms and hands. Then, it will be the movement of the entire upper limbs. There is no particular time.I will do it for a while. It does not count the number. Just back and forth. Because it is a pleasant movement.Do as much as you like, and when you’re done, you’ll be back. I like to stretch my legs.

Next is cat # 6 inside out and outside out.There are three parts, at the beginning, inside and outside. The whole body moves from the movement of the foot by turning inside. Slide your leg and stretch it. In retroversion, the movement of the whole body follows this.

Slide and stretch your legs.I will go to the other leg. Reversing of the foot.

The knees open outside, the pelvis moves, and movement is transmitted throughout the body. I turned my legs out. The entire body follows this movement. I set 3 inside and outside. Some people repeat introverting several times with one foot, and several introvert.

There are many ways.Please do as you like. From the inside of the foot to the movement of the whole body To the movement of the whole body Finally, I will do one by one again. It is the movement of the whole body. From foot to head. Out of the foot.

You will see that the pelvis moves.This is an important movement to rotate the entire body flexibly. And then it’s outward. I feel very good. I’m relaxing. Part 2 is the O leg and the X leg. With both legs, pull on the body while opening both knees. The hips will naturally be arched.Please stretch it with a slide. Put on both knees and open your legs. Keep your hips flat, especially when stretching your legs. O leg. The waist is a natural arch. Stretch your legs. X legs.Keep your waist flat.When stretching your legs, keep it as flat as possible. Keep your waist flat and stretch your legs. Part 3 is the ski movement.

If possible, please wear both feet.Until the arch inside the foot is reached. Pull your legs diagonally as you ski and stretch back. The other side too. Please try while imagining that you are skiing. Put both legs on one side, diagonally, If you move your neck or head, you will be able to move easily.I will do about 3 sets. Please take a rest when it is over. Cat # 7 is a twist of sitting. I will be sitting on my back. Turn your body to one side and sit down. The head is the last. Do not pull on the neck. Place your left hand on the floor with both knees facing left.Sometimes I put my fist on the floor, but please do whatever you like.The right hand is on the opposite shoulder.

If you get tired, let go of your hand.

I turn my body back. I will come back to the front. Always repeat about 3 times. If you turn your body, your hips will rise. When you come back, it falls to the floor. You may not touch the floor. Find out how far you are and what it feels like. I will do some variation. There are many variations of somatics books.

Turn your body to the left and put the head and neck back to the front.I like to open my eyes and look straight ahead, but I can also close my eyes. But it is good to look at the front. All comfortably, not trying too hard, with natural breathing. Come back to the front and turn it back this time. Turn the neck and face to one side and move the rest in the opposite direction.

I think you feel the entire upper trunk.You can see that the right half of the pelvis goes up. Shoulder and trunk and pelvis turn to the left Turn the head and neck to the right and back to the front. I sometimes do side cramps. Alternately left and right. Shrink the right side. In this position, this side is easier. It is a little difficult to contract the left side. Please try as far as you can. Both hands on the left. If it is difficult, your right hand may be on your left knee. I will arch here.And curl.

The eyes move in the direction of the neck movement. Next, try moving your neck and eyes in the opposite direction. When you turn your neck down, your eyes go up. When you turn your neck up, your eyes are down. Oops, I made a mistake. You will understand! It’s difficult. With your head down, your eyes go up When I raise my head, my eyes go down.

And it twists slowly. A lot of ribs move. You can move comfortably without overdoing it. You may do the opposite. Head and neck in one direction, and ribs and trunk in the opposite direction There are also difficulties. But please do what you can, as far as you can comfortably. Back to the first position, Do the first move three times. And I will notice how long I turned around. The range of motion has increased. The joints now move smoothly.

I will come back and rest. You can rest on the way or shake your arms or legs. Now turn your knee to the right. Hold the hand lightly without opening it. Because I injured my right wrist. Place your hand on your shoulder and turn your body three times to the right. Please do what you can. Slowly and carefully I do not know if everyone noticed, but this side does not go much.

But I do not overdo it.I always do it for the first time when doing somatic movements. Find a range that you can comfortably. Next, put your head back to the front. Leave the shoulders and torso on the right and put the head back to the front. The eyes look straight ahead. Return. Move the head and neck, shoulders and torso in the opposite direction. When the torso and pelvis turn to the right The left half of the pelvis goes up. And when the torso and pelvis come back to the front, The left half of the pelvis goes down to the floor.

Please put this pelvic movement. Next I will make a side bend. In this position it is easy to shrink the left. So it’s difficult to shrink the right side. I will do as much as I can. I just do what I can. Let’s go to the right. I will try to hold my right hand. I do arches and curls. There is time, but it may be repeated several times. Then move your head and eyes in the opposite direction. When I raise my head, my eyes go down With my head down, my eyes go up With this movement, I got rid of car sickness. Now you can also read books inside the car. I never did that in the past. This movement is very useful to me. Next, the movement of the ribs.All in the same direction.

Head, neck, ribs, torso The opposite is also possible.It’s a little difficult. But please do it in the range that you can feel comfortable. You will be able to feel comfortable. Return to the first position and turn. The range of motion is increasing. Even if I do not overdo it, I do not do my best It does not have to be the same as the other side. This side is this side. This is the end of the cat routine. But we, at the end, decided to return to Cat # 4’s diagonal arch and curl. Please come back to Cat # 4. If there is tension left that you don’t need, release it. Right hand behind head, left hand to left knee Take a breath and arch. Curling while spiting.

Point your elbows and knees towards each other. Take a breath and arch. Curl while spiting. Do not put force It is not a contest. It is not about trying to put on the elbows and knees. Please do this movement to the extent you can ease. Then, the motor cortex of the brain can receive clear sensory feedback. Change the position, the left hand under the head, the right hand on the right knee Breathe in the arch, curl while exhaling.I am not pulling my knees, only by hand.

Some people do not use their hands.It would be nice if you lay down. You can try moving without using your hands. If you repeat three times, I will stretch my leg at the end. It is easier if you stretch your legs. The knees may stand upright or extend. Breathe and turn inward, Please notice what it feels like. If you have time, you can breathe for a while. It’s always good, so when you’re done, you’ll return to sitting. Point your body to one side, head last, I will return to sitting position. There is always a different feeling.Take time and stand up slowly.

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