How to make wet food for cats by using chicken meat for cats it can be an alternative to making cheap cat food so that we as cats owners will save more money to spend a budget to meet the daily needs of cats Because the maintenance of the cat is not only limited to providing food, right. Hello cats lover. In making wet food for cats we must pay attention to the ingredients used both in terms of the freshness of the ingredients that will be used also the portion of the food we will make And on this occasion I will share recipes for chicken pudding for cats which might be an idea of ​​a variety of food menus for friends at home Now to find out what tutorials and tips I will share for this time please listen to the video until it’s finished.

so as not to fail to understand and if there is too fast text, please pause the video for a better reading experience I will write the ingredients on the desk box or comment pin. Yesterday I spent 1kg of chicken breast cut in 6 parts get home I wash again clean and I prepare to be in the freezer for 24 hours Actually, for chicken meat to be boiled, I don’t need to freeze it only yesterday I didn’t have time to make a pudding so to maintain freshness so I enter the freezer. How to thaw it is enough to put it in a container filled with plain water wait for about 30 minutes to half melt Then put it in the pan to boil the chicken later use a rather large pan, because later we need to add enough water.

Add approximately 1,200cc of mineral water If possible, just add enough water to boil do not use too much water, because the cat is bloated later, eating mostly water that will become jelly After that, turn on the stove over low heat or it would be better if you at home have a tool to slow cook It is intended that there is not much nutrition from chickens lost or damaged during the ripening process Lots of very good and important nutrients from chicken to be consumed by cats here I no longer add a lot of things like fish oil, egg yolk powder, taurine, calcium powder, vit b complex, etc.

it’s all complicated in my opinion and because I’m not a nutritionist so I don’t know if playing as long as you add vitamins like that His fear will have a negative impact on his cat in the future I feel that there are enough nutrients that cats can take if we really can be right and good when processing the food menu for them Well, it doesn’t look like. I don’t add fish oil or anything from the skin of the chicken itself which has released a lot of oil After that drain the chicken to be rested first wait until it’s warm and ready for shredding or in a small cut.

and don’t wait until the chicken is completely cold for fear that if chicken becomes dry, the cat will not eat enough (but this is my own opinion, hehe.) Well, these friends have been couched, it’s enough just to have a rough grunt the same must be careful, for the bones do not get carried away indeed you are the best special buy the chicken breast that has been fillet is easy, there’s no reinforcement anymore but here I only get that chest I usually buy in the market so.

already asked for the chest but there were still bones so it’s just plain rude so that later the cat can still use it After that, enter the chicken that has been cucumbered into the pan to boil it then add plain gelatinous flour (colorless and tasteless) according to the water that you entered earlier if here I use 2 packs of agar flour for 1200cc of water but for example, yes you have a lot of chicken but the water is still given 1200cc It can be added with one packet of gelatin flour to make the water like jelly because.

the more chicken the more oil is produced in the broth it results in 2 packets of flour in order not to form jelly / gelatin because there is too much oil But it’s free, I want to keep using 2 packs, it’s okay Adjusted to your friends’ tastes After that, turn on the stove again and wait until the sauce is warm (and it’s not boiling) Well this gelatinous flour itself the purpose is to meet fiber needs and healthy dig cat has more appetite if it’s made pudding like this compared to ordinary boiled chicken Is it possible because it’s made jelly so that it can maintain the distinctive aroma of the chicken? I don’t know. After roughly the chicken pudding is warm turn off the stove and drain it into a wider container to cool faster and form jelly. it’s already done. Very similar to the wet food that is sold in the cell phone shops it can be a lot too. and see, there’s not even a bit of broth wasted here is actually a lot of nutrients from chickens that came out of the slow cook process and stored safely by the agar-agar flour which was mixed Let’s just see what is an anabolic reaction to try the chicken pudding.

Well, this is one of my reasons, why didn’t you add any kind of cooking process? because indeed later I want to add the pinkpawpal supplement Especially for bailey, the others don’t use anything hehe because it is indeed a bailey again I challenge to chase the fur so fast Now if you want to add it too, can the alternative use quail egg yolks? (Do you know? Don’t you usually have quail egg yolks?) I just explained it in the next video This 1kg of chicken is usually finished right away so there are no leftovers to keep lingering But for those of you who are cats, only one or two or indeed deliberately want to make a lot for stock the tips are to wrap or recycle this chicken pudding according to your cat’s daily needs The dose for each pack is 3% of your cat’s weight.

I’m guessing it’s ok. for example, the average healthy adult male Persian cat weighs 4kg so the need for 1 day meal is 120gr or 60gr for one meal Indeed, it looks a little huh. and it seems we are not satisfied so when we give it. but just calm down, my friends don’t make your cats thin Yes. for what portion of your rights do you want to give. hehe. Ok, my friends, that was my tutorial and tips on how to make wet food for cats by using healthy and simple ingredients that we can make at home.

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